Monday 29 October 2012

Georgia Lottery Winning Lotto Strategies

Seriously did you know that Georgia lottery players are the largest lotto playing state purchasing over $50 billion dollars a year in state lottery ticket sales? Well it is true and they do love to play the state-run games like Mega Million, Fantasy 5, Decades Of Dollars, Win For Life, and of course Powerball. All of these Georgia Lottery games have very poor odds to win of any form of legal gambling. You see it is almost impossible to win any of these Georgia lotto games on your own, you need to play much more inteligent by using ONLY tested and proven lottery winning strategies or what we call lottery systems that have actually won these Georgia lottery games.

Before we get to the good lottery winning strategies or lottery systems that you should be using to play these Georgia lotto games, you should also know that Governors do use the lotteries and said monies to pay for programs as education, environmental protection and many other state programs, which is a very good thing, so even when you lose, you are actually winning, just in a different way.

Now for the really good stuff! You know there are many lottery out there and of course they all claim they will win the Georgia lottery games for you if you use them, but as we have noticed over and over again, this is not true. Most lottery systems are full false advertising and nonsense and you would have to go through about 40 systems to find the good ones that work ok, which would ultimately cost you a small fortune and waste a lot of your time. We have done this investigation for you and have found two highly superior legit winning lottery systems that definitely work for winning the Georgia Lottery games such as Georgia Mega Millions, Georgia Fantasy 5, Georgia Win For Life, Decades Of Dollars, and Georgia Powerball.

The two lottery system you should be using are the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a top rated lottery wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels which is a verified proven wheeling system that is easy to use and very effective. Both systems are completely different and work in different ways, but both have many reported lottery winners using them. The Lotto Guy System actually won best lottery system in the world by poll votes over 15 other so-called top lottery systems. This proof just adds to the solid reviews this system really works! See the actual poll results below. As you can easily see the Lotto Guy System won taking 83% of the votes as best winning lottery system, now that is solid PROOF! You cannot fake poll results like testimonials, as every vote must come from a separate ip address. This system is used by many Georgia lottery winners, with the smart Play system a very close second place.

There you have it the 2 best winning lottery systems for playing the Georgia Lottery games, your best bet is to use one or both of these highly recommended systems Lotto Guy System or Smart Play System to obtain the best odds you can to win, it’s really that simple! The lottery winner below did win the Georgia lottery two times!

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